Next up: Rhone Tasting!

Our Bordeaux tasting/dinner at e2 ( was certainly tasty and instructive – so we are moving forward to our next region where we will dive into some interesting wines of the Rhone region.   We will taste and discuss the wines as a group, and then finish with a dinner to see how they stand up … Continue reading Next up: Rhone Tasting!

Chateau Ollieux Romanis

This Tuesday July 5 we will have a great opportunity to meet Pierre Bories of Chateau Ollieux Romanis, and taste several of his fantastic wines. Pierre Bories is visiting Pittsburgh for only one day so I arranged with Brasserie 33 to serve four Ollieux Romanis wines. These wines are from the heart of the “Corbieres” … Continue reading Chateau Ollieux Romanis

American Syrah – 2009 Tensley Santa Barbara County Syrah

The wine makers around Santa Barbara gained ’mindshare’ with the general public after the movie “Sideways” depicted its main characters rolling from one winery to another in search of the finest wine offerings. This attention gave the region instant celebrity and legitimate respect as a wine region. Of course, there is truth to the statement … Continue reading American Syrah – 2009 Tensley Santa Barbara County Syrah